Color Catalogs

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I’m going to start organizing all the cloth gear into color-based catalogs so that it will be easier for both you and I to find what we’re looking for as far as matching is concerned. This may take a bit of time but I’m hoping to finish it within the next week or so.  I hope you all enjoy it. :)



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This was another Halloween outfit that I put together after I got my own Hallowed Helm! I thought putting the crows in the background would make this outfit come to life. I like running around with my Sinister Squashling when I have this outfit equipped. :)

Head: Hallowed Helm

Shirt: Red Lumberjack Shirt   ◊ Tailoring!

Legs: Scarecrow Trousers

Feet: Durable Boots

How to Obtain This Outfit:

The Hallowed Helm can only be gotten during the Hallow’s End holiday event. They are commonly found inside Loot-Filled Pumpkins. It can also be inside Handfuls of Treats and Crudely Wrapped Gifts. You may also purchase the Hallowed Helm from Candy and Toy vendors Chub, in Undercity, and Dorothy, in Elwynn Forest for 150 Tricky Treats.

The Red Lumberjack Shirt is crafted by tailors and requires 4 Bolts of Frostweave and 1 Red Dye.

The Scarecrow Trousers drop from Foe Reaper 4000, a rare mob in Westfall with a 0.30% drop chance.

The Durable Boots are a world drop Bind on Equip item. You’re better off checking the Auction House for this item.

Mummified and Zombified!

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Of course these would look great as Halloween costumes during Hallow’s End! I could never find a matching pair of pants to go with these outfits, and after seeing that the shirt pattern extends upward when wearing a pair of pants I added the loincloths to show that. If you happen to come across a pair of pants that match well with these outfits, please let me know! I really wish that Blizzard would make a “headwrap” type piece to match these sets.


Shirt: Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing

Legs: Aboriginal Loincloth

Feet: Maleki’s Footwraps

How to Obtain This Outfit:

The shirt can be purchased from the First Aid Supplies vendor, Angelique Butler, in Dalaran for 25 gold.

The Aboriginal Loincloth is a world drop Bind on Equip item. You’d be better off checking the Auction House for this item.

Maleki’s Footwraps  drop from Maleki the Pallid in Stratholme with a 25% drop chance.


Shirt: Wound Dressing

Legs: Ancestral Woollies

Feet: Maleki’s Footwraps

How to Obtain This Outfit:

The shirt can be purchased from the First Aid Supplies vendor, Angelique Butler, in Dalaran for 20 gold.

The Ancestral Woollies are a world drop Bind on Equip item. You’re better off checking the Auction House for this item.

Maleki’s Footwraps drop from Maleki the Pallid in Stratholme with a 25% drop chance.

Dreadmist Raiment

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Since the head piece to the original set is no longer available to players, you’ll have to substitute it with the Bind on Account version. And since pants aren’t visible under a robe, that’s one less piece you’ll have to worry about! :)

Head: Tattered Dreadmist Mask

Shoulders: Dreadmist Mantle

Chest: Dreadmist Robe

Wrist: Dreadmist Bracers

Hands: Dreadmist Wraps

Waist: Dreadmist Belt

Feet: Dreadmist Sandals


How to Acquire This Set:

First off, the head, shoulder, and chest pieces are available through the Bind on Account items. These would be the Tattered Dreadmist Mask, Tattered Dreadmist Mantle, and the Tattered Dreadmist Robe. There are multiple ways to obtain these:

  • Tattered Dreadmist Mask – Requires a guild level of 20 and a guild reputation of at least Honored. This piece can be purchased from a Guild Vendor for 1,350 gold.
  • Tattered Dreadmist Mantle – There are three ways to purchase this piece: Justice Heirloom vendors for 2,175 Justice Points, the Darkmoon Faire Heirloom Prizes vendor for 110 Darkmoon Faire tickets, or from the Crusader’s Quartermaster in Icecrown at the Argent Tournament Grounds for 60 Champion’s Seals. Keep in mind that you must have earned the “Crusader” title in order to purchase any heirloom from the last vendor mentioned.
  • Tattered Dreadmist Robe – This piece can be obtained in the same ways as the shoulder piece stated above.

After the release of Darkmoon Island, you can now purchase “replica” set pieces from the Replica Armor Prizes vendor, Barum. The head, shoulder, and chest pieces are sold for 75 Darkmoon Prize Tickets while the rest of the other replica pieces of this set are just 55 Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

If you’re wanting to grind dungeons instead of spending currency, then continue reading. Below I’ve listed the mobs or bosses that each piece has a chance of dropping from. All drop chance percentages are based on Wowhead’s findings.

  • Dreadmist Belt – Drops from Scholomance Necromancers in Scholomance; 0.05% drop chance, Thuzadin Shadowcasters in Stratholme; 0.04% drop chance, Thuzadin Necromancers in Stratholme; 0.03% drop chance, and Risen Conjurer; 0.01% drop chance.
  • Dreadmist Bracers – Personally, I would highly recommend skimming the Auction House for these since they are Bind on Equip. But if you prefer the dungeon grinding, head to Upper Blackrock Spire and clear all mobs.
  • Dreadmist Mantle – Drops from Jandice Barov in Scholomance; 0.50% drop chance.
  • Dreadmist Robe – Drops from General Drakkisath in Upper Blackrock Spire; 0.50% drop chance.
  • Dreadmist Sandals –  Drops from Baroness Anastari in Stratholme; 1.90% drop chance.
  • Dreadmist Wraps – This piece is also Bind on Equip so make sure to skim the Auction House. It also drops from Lorekeeper Polkelt in Scholomance; 3.00% drop chance.

This turned out longer than I thought it would, but I think I’ve covered everything. Happy grinding!

Angel’s Transmog Gear

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With transmogrification, I wanted to make Angel’s armor match her name. You know, an angel? That was a hard one. :P

After finding out that the items had to have stats in order to transmogrify them, I had to make some changes. These changes caused some of my originally picked pieces to become class-specific(for priests, of course). So here’s what I’ve come up with:

Head: Heroes’ Crown of Faith

Shoulders: Wings of the Avatar

Chest: Mooncloth Robe   ◊ Tailoring!

Hands: Gloves of the Avatar

Waist: Belt of the Long Road   ◊ Tailoring!

Feet: Red Woolen Boots   ◊ Tailoring!

Weapon: Staff of Immaculate Recovery

Since my Java doesn’t work for some reason on Wowhead, I’ve been having to use Flash. That’s why the head piece isn’t displayed in the photo above. If you haven’t seen it before, it looks like a halo!

There may still be some changes in the future if I find something that looks more visually appealing. I’m not completely in love with the staff but it will do for now. So, what do you think?

Little Red

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I’m sure we all know who Little Red Riding Hood is; that little girl from the fairytale. If not, then something is very wrong. I do have to say that as a Blood Elf, this outfit looks a little strange on Angel but she makes it work. :) If you have a Gnome, then thumbs up for you!

Having a tailor as an alt is very beneficial for my priest; less money out of Angel’s pocket since she doesn’t have to buy items like these off of the Auction House:

Head: Felcloth Hood   ◊ Tailoring!

Back: Cindercloth Cloak   ◊ Tailoring!

Chest: Simple Dress   ◊ Tailoring!

Hands: Cindercloth Gloves   ◊ Tailoring!

Feet: Soft-Soled Linen Boots   ◊ Tailoring!

Off-hand: Egg Basket

How to Acquire This Outfit:

Find a tailor – or just search the Auction House for the crafted items! Below are the needed materials for each piece.

  • Felcloth Hood – Requires 2 Bolts of Runecloth, 2 Felcloth, and 1 Rune Thread.
  • Cindercloth Cloak – Requires 5 Bolts of Runecloth, 1 Essence of Fire, and 1 Rune Thread.
  • Simple Dress – Requires 2 Bolts of Linen Cloth, 1 Coarse Thread, 1 Blue Dye, and 1 Bleach.
  • Cindercloth Gloves – Requires 4 Bolts of Runecloth, 2 Hearts of Fire, and 1 Rune Thread.
  • Soft-Soled Linen Boots –  Requires 5 Bolts of Linen Cloth, 2 Light Leather, and 1 Fine Thread.

Since there are no baskets with goodies or cookies in them(sadface), I had to substitute for the Egg Basket instead. I’m glad that I kept mine instead of deleting it since I was running out of bank space. You can only get the Egg Basket during the Noblegarden holiday from the quest, “A Tisket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket.”