Of all Angel’s outfits, there have come to be quite a few “favorite” pieces. These favorites generally have unique models or are just vibrantly colored. So, here’s her list:


  • First Mate Hat – Who wouldn’t love a pirate hat of their own?
  • Bad Mojo Mask – It says it’s a cloth item, but it looks like it’s made entirely of wood… Anyways, I love this model.
  • Horns of the Left Hand Path/Horns of Justified Sins – A nice touch for a “demonic” outfit. (Still a work in progress!)
  • Helm of Lupine Cunning – The only cloth head piece of a wolf’s head. Normally pieces like these are leather+ armor types.
  • X-52 Rocket Helm – I think this is the only helm that looks like a scuba diver’s helm that doesn’t require engineering to wear it!


  • Vestments of the Shifting Sands – So pretty and extremely revealing!


  • Ringo’s Blizzard Boots – I love how these are called “Blizzard Boots,” but yet they are socks and sandals…

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