Queen of the Sea

Head: Crown of Burning Waters

Shoulders: Mantle of Nefarius

Chest: Robes of the Burning Acolyte

Hands: Brackish Gloves

Waist: Cord of the Raven Queen

Feet: Slippers of Moving Waters

Weapon: Medusoid Staff


How to Obtain This Outfit

You should probably plan on taking a trip to Blackwing Descent because you’ll be spending quite a bit of time in there…

  • Crown of Burning Waters – Drops from Magmaw. According to Wowhead, he has a 16% chance of dropping it.
  • Mantle of Nefarius – Drops from Nefarius(Who would have thought?).
  • Brackish Gloves – Drop from Chimaeron with a 17% drop chance.

You’ll also have to raid The Bastion of Twilight because Halfus the Wyrmbreaker drops Robes of the Burning Acolyte with an 11% drop chance.

I chose Cord of the Raven Queen because it seemed a bit easier to obtain it. You’ll have to reach exalted with The Guardians of Hyjal in order to purchase it. Provisioner Whitecloud  in Mount Hyjal sells this belt for about 36 gold(35g 72s 35c). With the faction’s dungeon reputation tabard and various quests, you should reach exalted with no problem.

Slippers of Moving Waters can be purchased from a Legacy Justice Quartermaster vendor for 1,650 Justice Points. For Horde players, you would purchase these from Rugok; and for Alliance, Toren Landow.

I know that not all classes can use staves, but the one pictured above seemed to match best with the outfit. The Medusoid Staff is a reward from the quest, “Come Hell or High Water” in Kelp’thar Forest. The quest giver, Rendel Firetongue, can be found near Gnaws’ Boneyard.


Please keep in mind that this is probably one of the most difficult outfits of Angel’s to obtain because of the fact that you must enter level 85 raids.


~ by Angelxeyes on January 19, 2012.

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