This was another Halloween outfit that I put together after I got my own Hallowed Helm! I thought putting the crows in the background would make this outfit come to life. I like running around with my Sinister Squashling when I have this outfit equipped. :)

Head: Hallowed Helm

Shirt: Red Lumberjack Shirt   ◊ Tailoring!

Legs: Scarecrow Trousers

Feet: Durable Boots

How to Obtain This Outfit:

The Hallowed Helm can only be gotten during the Hallow’s End holiday event. They are commonly found inside Loot-Filled Pumpkins. It can also be inside Handfuls of Treats and Crudely Wrapped Gifts. You may also purchase the Hallowed Helm from Candy and Toy vendors Chub, in Undercity, and Dorothy, in Elwynn Forest for 150 Tricky Treats.

The Red Lumberjack Shirt is crafted by tailors and requires 4 Bolts of Frostweave and 1 Red Dye.

The Scarecrow Trousers drop from Foe Reaper 4000, a rare mob in Westfall with a 0.30% drop chance.

The Durable Boots are a world drop Bind on Equip item. You’re better off checking the Auction House for this item.


~ by Angelxeyes on December 8, 2011.

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