Little Red

I’m sure we all know who Little Red Riding Hood is; that little girl from the fairytale. If not, then something is very wrong. I do have to say that as a Blood Elf, this outfit looks a little strange on Angel but she makes it work. :) If you have a Gnome, then thumbs up for you!

Having a tailor as an alt is very beneficial for my priest; less money out of Angel’s pocket since she doesn’t have to buy items like these off of the Auction House:

Head: Felcloth Hood   ◊ Tailoring!

Back: Cindercloth Cloak   ◊ Tailoring!

Chest: Simple Dress   ◊ Tailoring!

Hands: Cindercloth Gloves   ◊ Tailoring!

Feet: Soft-Soled Linen Boots   ◊ Tailoring!

Off-hand: Egg Basket

How to Acquire This Outfit:

Find a tailor – or just search the Auction House for the crafted items! Below are the needed materials for each piece.

  • Felcloth Hood – Requires 2 Bolts of Runecloth, 2 Felcloth, and 1 Rune Thread.
  • Cindercloth Cloak – Requires 5 Bolts of Runecloth, 1 Essence of Fire, and 1 Rune Thread.
  • Simple Dress – Requires 2 Bolts of Linen Cloth, 1 Coarse Thread, 1 Blue Dye, and 1 Bleach.
  • Cindercloth Gloves – Requires 4 Bolts of Runecloth, 2 Hearts of Fire, and 1 Rune Thread.
  • Soft-Soled Linen Boots –  Requires 5 Bolts of Linen Cloth, 2 Light Leather, and 1 Fine Thread.

Since there are no baskets with goodies or cookies in them(sadface), I had to substitute for the Egg Basket instead. I’m glad that I kept mine instead of deleting it since I was running out of bank space. You can only get the Egg Basket during the Noblegarden holiday from the quest, “A Tisket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket.”


~ by Angelxeyes on December 7, 2011.

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