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Hi there and thanks for making a visit to Angel’s Outfits! Over the years of playing World of Warcraft my main, Angelxeyes, has acquired more outfits than she can keep up with! So instead of hogging them all to herself, I decided I’d share them with you.

Angel’s outfit rules:

  • All outfits shall be composed of cloth items only.
  • No items shall be class/race/faction specific.
  • Every item shall be able to be transmogrified, unless stated so otherwise.

Unfortunately with transmogrification, only cloth wearers will be able to use them to transmogrify their armor. But I’m sure other armor type wearers will find some way to use them.



Plays With Fire!

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Head: Circle of Flame

Shoulders: Mantle of Closed Doors

Chest: Bloodfyre Robes of Annihilation

Waist: Mage-Fury Girdle

Feet: Einhorn’s Galoshes (Heroic)

Weapon: Spire of Scarlet Pain


How to Obtain This Outfit

First off, I paired this outfit with the staff, Spire of Scarlet Pain, because it’s got a lot of fire action happening! If you’re class isn’t able to use staves, there are other weapons, of course, with just as much fire visual.

Circle of Flame creates a fire “halo” above your characters head. It is dropped by Ambassador Flamelash in Blackrock Depths. It does have a small drop chance, so don’t get too discouraged if it doesn’t drop on your first try.

Mantle of Closed Doors is dropped by Baleroc in Firelands with a fairly descent drop chance. If your class is able to use staves and you’d like to grab Spire of Scarlet Pain, there’s a chance for it to drop from the mobs in Firelands as well.

Bloodfyre Robes of Annihilation can be found inside Cache of the Legion in Mechanar after killing the two Gatewatchers.

Mage-Fury Girdle drops from Quagmirran in The Slave Pens.

Einhorn’s Galoshes (Heroic) drop from Chimaeron in Blackwing Descent on Heroic difficulty. This piece also has a small chance to drop.

Queen of the Sea

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Head: Crown of Burning Waters

Shoulders: Mantle of Nefarius

Chest: Robes of the Burning Acolyte

Hands: Brackish Gloves

Waist: Cord of the Raven Queen

Feet: Slippers of Moving Waters

Weapon: Medusoid Staff


How to Obtain This Outfit

You should probably plan on taking a trip to Blackwing Descent because you’ll be spending quite a bit of time in there…

  • Crown of Burning Waters – Drops from Magmaw. According to Wowhead, he has a 16% chance of dropping it.
  • Mantle of Nefarius – Drops from Nefarius(Who would have thought?).
  • Brackish Gloves – Drop from Chimaeron with a 17% drop chance.

You’ll also have to raid The Bastion of Twilight because Halfus the Wyrmbreaker drops Robes of the Burning Acolyte with an 11% drop chance.

I chose Cord of the Raven Queen because it seemed a bit easier to obtain it. You’ll have to reach exalted with The Guardians of Hyjal in order to purchase it. Provisioner Whitecloud  in Mount Hyjal sells this belt for about 36 gold(35g 72s 35c). With the faction’s dungeon reputation tabard and various quests, you should reach exalted with no problem.

Slippers of Moving Waters can be purchased from a Legacy Justice Quartermaster vendor for 1,650 Justice Points. For Horde players, you would purchase these from Rugok; and for Alliance, Toren Landow.

I know that not all classes can use staves, but the one pictured above seemed to match best with the outfit. The Medusoid Staff is a reward from the quest, “Come Hell or High Water” in Kelp’thar Forest. The quest giver, Rendel Firetongue, can be found near Gnaws’ Boneyard.


Please keep in mind that this is probably one of the most difficult outfits of Angel’s to obtain because of the fact that you must enter level 85 raids.

Unbelievabow’s Transmog Gear

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For my hunter’s transmog gear, I decided to go with a “Silvermoon City” color theme since she is a Blood Elf. I haven’t acquired all the pieces yet; I’m still searching the Auction House every day for her shoulder piece and have yet to have seen the bow drop from the boss, Warbringer O’morogg. But that’s just my luck, I’ll just have to keep trying. :)

Fisherman… or woman!

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Head: Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat

Chest: Blue Overalls   ◊ Tailoring!

Shirt: Captain Sanders’ Shirt

Hands: Heavy Linen Gloves   ◊ Tailoring!

Feet: Durable Boots

Fishing Pole: Nat’s Lucky Fishing Pole


How to Obtain This Outfit

The Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat can sometimes be looted from a Bag of Fishing Treasures or Bag of Shiny Things from the fishing dailies. Although the chance is small, I found it easier waiting to get this hat through the dailies instead of taking a stab at the Fishing Extravaganza in Stranglethorn.

The two tailor-crafted items require simple materials and should be easy to make:

  • Blue Overalls – Require 4 Bolts of Woolen Cloth, 2 Fine Thread, and 2 Blue Dye.
  • Heavy Linen Gloves – Require 2 Bolts of Linen Cloth and 1 Coarse Thread.

Captain Sanders’ Shirt is a quest reward from the quest chain “Captain Sanders’ Hidden Treasure” in Westfall. Murlocs on the coast seem to have the best drop chance for the item, Captain Sanders’ Treasure Map, which begins the quests. Just kill a few and you should be covered.

Durable Boots are just a random green drop so you’d be better off checking the Auction House for these.

You can use any fishing pole you’d like to complete your fishing set. I used Nat’s Lucky Fishing Pole in the picture just to tie the outfit together. I, myself, usually use my Jeweled Fishing Pole because it looks pretty. :)

Happy Twenty Twelve!

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Happy New Year’s everyone!

May this new year bring more outfits to share and discover with you! :)

Cloth Rogue

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Head: Outlander’s Facewrap

Chest: Elemental Raiment

Hands: Terrace Gazer’s Gloves

Legs: Netherweave Pants   ◊ Tailoring!

Feet: Netherweave Boots   ◊  Tailoring!

How to Obtain This Outfit:

The Outlander’s Facewrap is a random green drop in the Outlands, generally from mobs in Hellfire Peninsula. You’d be better off checking the Auction House for this.

The Elemental Raiment is a random blue drop from various mobs. You should also check the Auction House for this item too.

Terrace Gazer’s Gloves are a quest reward from “The Earthen Oath” in the Storm Peaks. You must be level 77 or higher to accept this quest.

Find a tailor who can make the Netherweave Pants and Netherweave Boots. The materials for the two items are listed below:

  • Netherweave Pants  – Requires 6 Bolts of Netherweave and 1 Rune Thread.
  • Netherweave Boots – Requires 6 Bolts of Netherweave, 2 Knothide Leather, and 1 Rune Thread.

Hope you enjoy this outfit!

Arrr, matey!

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Head: First Mate Hat

Shirt: White Swashbuckler’s Shirt   ◊ Tailoring!

Waist: Captain Sander’s Sash

Legs: Crimson Silk Pantaloons   ◊ Tailoring!

Feet: Buccaneer’s Boots

How to Obtain This Set:

Let me start off by saying that the First Mate Hat is a very rare drop from Bloodsail pirate adds found in Stranglethorne Vale. Consider yourself lucky if you have one already(I consider myself lucky, at least). There are two other options for a “pirate” hat although they’re not black: Bloodsail Admiral’s Hat(red) and Admiral’s Hat(blue).

Find a tailor for the White Swashbuckler’s Shirt. You’ll need 3 Bolts of Silk Cloth, 2 Bleach, and 1 Silken Thread.

Captain Sander’s Sash is a quest reward from the “Captain Sander’s Hidden Treasure” quest chain. The item that begins the quest chain drops from the murlocs on the coast of Westfall.

Once again, find a tailor for the Crimson Silk Pantaloons. You’ll need 4 Bolts of Silk Cloth, 2 Red Dye, and 2 Silken Thread.

Buccaneer’s Boots are just another random green drop. A few runs through Shadowfang Keep or The Deadmines should do you well.

There are many different ways you can dress like a pirate; this is just how Angelxeyes likes to dress as one. Feel free to share your pirate outfits in the comments section below. :)